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A tribute to Bob Lowe

We are deeply saddened to annoubce that our Ambassdor Bob Lowe has died aged 99. Dame Esther Rantzen shares her tribute to Bob.

Yesterday's faded rainbows

This poem takes a poignant look into the experiences of people living in care homes during lockdown.

A grandchild's hug

When will get to hug our grandchildren again?, asks Dame Esther Rantzen.

Supporting The Silver Line

It's so important to have someone there for you, writes Jane Nelson, CEO of Oddfellows.

A tribute to Kath

For Loneliness Awareness Week, Silver Line caller Bob Lowe shared an emotional tribute to his late wife.

Reflections on lockdown

Two Silver Line callers share poems they've been inspired to write by the current situation.

Connecting the generations

Find out about Silver Stories, which pairs children with older, isolated or less able members of the community to read a story or poem over the phone.

Being there

Coronavirus is an important reminder of how important the service is to our callers, says our Head of Helpline.

Looking to the future

Dame Esther Rantzen is waiting for the flowers to bloom again after the lockdown ends.

A surprise call

The Duchess of Cornwall enjoyed a telephone call with Betty, 90, and The Silver Line founder, Esther Rantzen.

The invisible million

Kirsty Woodard, founder of Ageing Without Children, looks at the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on older people who don't have children.

Insights from home-working

Silver Line Director, Paul Goulden, discusses how our 'new normal' under lockdown might actually be just 'same old, same old' for many older people.

The world has changed, but we are still here

The Silver Line's founder, Esther Ratzen, shares her thoughts on how the coronavirus pandemic may change life for those who need our service most.