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Reflections on lockdown from two of our callers

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Published on 01 June 2020 12:00 AM

We were delighted to receive two beautiful poems from Silver Line callers, inspired by the current situation and the coronavirus lockdown.

Read their perspectives on these challenging times below. 


Another War  

Another war is at our door, when once we thought of war no more,

But here it is, only this time it is not the same.

No bombs, no guns, no aeroplanes, but still a killer just the same.

They tell us all to stay indoors, from all the ones we most adore

Old, alone and so afraid, oh when will this killer go away.

We so much thank the girls and boys in blue.

Doctors, nurses and ambulance crew

Let’s not forget they have loved ones too.

Just like us.

Yet on they fight without a fuss, some losing the battle to save us.

And when this war is over, let’s not look for blame,

But all work together to be happy again.

When the fear from our faces has passed, we will be together at last.

To walk in the sunshine, to walk in the park, to skip in the rain, then all pray together this never happens again.


You are my friend 

You are my friend who walks beside me

You are always there to comfort and to guide me

In these troubled times you show how much you care

And for all the sad and lonely you are always there.

Whatever lies before us in the days that lie ahead

We will face with hope and courage in every step we tread.


Last updated: May 24 2022

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