Payroll giving

Donate every month as part of your salary. Workplace giving – also known as payroll giving or give as you earn – is an easy way to support The Silver Line. It’s tax free, which means that if you pay the basic rate of tax, and you donate £8 from your payroll each month, the charity receives £10. If you pay a higher tax rate of 40 per cent, your £10 gift would cost you only £6 a month. Some employers also match donations, check if your does.

For more information about payroll giving, please see the HM Revenue and Customs website.


In 1987 Payroll Giving first began – and in the last 30 years over £2 billion was been raised for good causes.

Nina Gopal, Director of Fundraising says:
“That’s the great thing about Payroll Giving – a small amount can make a big difference. A relatively small outlay for an individual each month can really add up. Just £5 is the difference between an older person being able to speak to someone through our helpline, or not speaking to someone for days.”

Read more about Payroll Giving turning 30 here.

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