What the night-time helpline means to callers

Every day our many callers tell us how important the night-time and weekend helpline is to them.

Joan, 76, who lives alone and suffers from panic attacks said:“The Silver Line has given me a lifeline – I can call any time night or day which means so much when you suffer from anxiety.”

Trevor, 70, said he finds night-times ‘difficult’: “The day will feel like 12 hours whereas the nights feel like 24. To be able to talk to somebody at any time has helped make the nights feel much shorter.”

Heather, 74, who lost her husband after 30 years together, said:“It was about 2am, I couldn’t sleep and I felt very lonely so I called the helpline. You can’t understand loneliness until you go through it yourself. But there is something you can do – call The Silver Line any time day or night.”

Joe, 81, who called the helpline following the death of his wife of 52 years, said:“It was so helpful. I had just lost my wife and I liked the fact that there would be someone there to speak to at any time, even just to say ‘goodnight’ to.”

Muriel, 87, called the helpline after her husband died suddenly. She said:“They are there to talk or even have a little weep with. I can ring at any time day or night. It is wonderful as you can’t always gauge when you will be feeling low, so to know someone is there is just priceless.”

Paul, 71, a widower who lives alone said:“I’ve called late at night when I’ve felt anxious and not been able to sleep … it felt so good to chat through a worry or problem.”

Jane, 81, said it reassures her to know the helpline’s there:“If you need somebody late at night, you don’t always feel you can call the family in case you worry them but The Silver Line is there – it is brilliant.”