Telephone Friendship

The Silver Line offers weekly calls to people age 55 and over, who would like to receive regular weekly telephone friendship from a friendly and supportive volunteer, called a Silver Line Friend. The calls last approximately 30 minutes, and take place on the same day, at the same time, each week.  

Older people and volunteers are matched carefully, to ensure they have some common interests and compatible personalities and friendships are reviewed regularly, to ensure that both parties find them enjoyable.   

The Telephone Friendship Service is not a counselling service, and no specialist advice or support is provided, however older people tell us that not only do find their calls enjoyable, they find them immensely beneficial in helping them navigate the difficulties of ageing.  

The service is free, calls from volunteers are made via an online, virtual call centre and our older people and Volunteers never meet.   This helps to ensure that the safety of older people and volunteers is paramount.

If you think that you, or somebody who you know, would benefit from this service, please either call our helpline or complete the third-party referral form found here.

If you wish to volunteer for the service, please click here.

After my husband died, I lost my confidence; speaking with my Volunteer Sandra, has really helped me to see what I have to offer. I feel like my old self again Silver Liner Betty, aged 89

I became a Silver Line Telephone Volunteer to help older people and give something back. I speak to June every Wednesday and we have so much fun; I never expected that our calls would become the highlight of my week as well as hers! VolunteerVeronica, aged 47

I can’t believe how well matched I am with my Volunteer Maggie; we could be sisters. We are two little peas in a pod! Silver Liner Isobel, aged 64