Silver Change

Silver Change

By doing something as simple as collecting your spare silver change, you can make a real change to the lives of vulnerable and isolated older people all over the UK.  At home, at work, or at school, just £5 of silver change will enable an older person to make a call to our helpline at any time, night or day.

If you’d like to join one of our teams of collectors, we also have special organised collections at tube (on the Jubilee Line), train stations, and supermarkets during Silver Week (12-18 May 2019) all over the UK!

Please call Holly on 020 7224 2745 to order your change collection pot or to join one of our Silver Change Teams.

Silver Lines – for the more creative!

Fun for everyone and very simple to do.  Create your own “Silver Line” made of coins by placing them side by side along a piece of string in any shape you like.

Just 3 ft of 50ps or £1 coins could fund the calls of at least six older people to our helpline. Ideal as a quick and very easy activity for your workplace. Or if you have children of primary school age, perhaps you could suggest this as an activity to their head or class teacher – fun, educational and very worthwhile!  Unusual shapes, unusual places – your imagination is the only limit in the creation of Silver Lines.

How to create your Silver Line

Simply take a piece of string and use it to act as a guide to create your line of coins. Ask people to donate their 50ps (or other silver coins) and place them side by side until you have filled the entire length of the string. Lines don’t have to be straight, just continuous, so use your imagination to be creative with unusual shapes or putting the line in interesting places, perhaps even under water! Just remember that your Silver Line of coins need to be in a place where the money is always highly visible, safe and won’t be disturbed. We recommend therefore that your Silver Lines of coins are completed and removed within a day.

What to do when your line is complete

We would love to see it, so before doing anything else, please do take a photo. We would like to be able to share some of the lines of coins on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

When everyone has had a chance to see what you have created, remove all the coins, count them carefully, and then please send a cheque for the amount raised payable to “The Silver Line” to The Silver Line, Trade Tower, Calico Row, London SW11 3YH. Or pay your fundraising in easily and securely online. Visit:

Silver Lines could not be simpler and a fantastic way to help us.