Silver Line Scotland…

Silver Line Scotland, as you will have read, is delivered by Age Scotland in partnership with The Silver Line.

Jenny Whyte, a session supervisor at Age Scotland writes:

“It has been a busy and exciting few months for the Silver line Scotland team. The new staff have settled in well and everyone’s now used to the new shift pattern. The addition of friendship calls has brought different callers to the service and the team are enjoying the variety that this adds to their days.

We often find that callers ring for a chat and are pleasantly surprised when we can find solutions to the problems they talk about or they call with a problem and are happy to stay on the line for a wee chat afterwards.

We have recently started wellbeing calls to those who are waiting to be matched with their Silver Line Friend and these add another dimension to our existing service and help us to reinforce the Silver Line philosophy helping to reduce loneliness and isolation.

The mix of chat calls, information and complex advice keeps us all on our toes and we will soon be getting back to our regular training and development programme and preparing for our accreditation later this year, so there’s never a dull moment!”