Silver Connects

The Silver Connects Service offers older people a helping hand to navigate difficult situations and to connect with organisations and services in their local area. We support people with a wide range of issues including accessing benefits, health and social care issues, help with housing, and accessing social clubs and events.  We can provide information and signposting through to contacting services on their behalf.

The service is entirely directed by the older person seeking help.  We work under their instruction to contact organisations and services to work towards their identified outcome. Support is provided by both staff and our team of award winning volunteers (pictured winning the Community Team of the Year Award at the University of Central Lancashire Volunteering and Community Leadership Awards).

Access to the service is through referral from the Silver Line Helpline or Age UK Advice Line – the staff and volunteers there can assess the type of support needed and whether Silver Connects is best placed to help.  So if you know of an older person in need of support, contact us by one of the following methods:

Giles from Manchester said, “The Silver Connects Service has opened up my world again. After losing my wife I had stopped leaving the house altogether.  Because I had been a carer for so many years, I had lost a lot of my friends and spent all of my time caring for Mary. I’d also lost my confidence to go out and do the things that I used to do. Silver Connects put me in touch with local groups where I could be with like-minded people. Taking the first steps is always difficult but I’d encourage anyone to give them a try and see where it takes you.”

If you would like to volunteer to help people like Giles, and join our award winning team of volunteers,  we are always looking for passionate and dedicated people. Volunteers are home based and are all over the country. They are well supported by our Connects staff team and have regular access to peer support. 

Find out more and apply on the Age UK website