Seafarers Link group calls




Seafarers Links are free, regular, group friendship telephone calls which enable up to six like-minded people to talk at the same time.  They offer an easy way to connect with people who have a maritime background, to make new friends, and to share stories and experiences of life at sea.

It’s great to talk to other people; I find it very helpful and supportive’.

‘It’s changed my life. Its lovely to have friends connected to the sea to speak to.’

The bond experienced by seafarers is quickly regained as evidenced by the humour and camaraderie shared on the calls.  Great stories are commonplace!

Who can join the groups?

Anyone with a seafaring background can join a group including former Merchant Navy, Royal Marines, Deep Sea Fisherman, retired Royal Navy, WRNS and RNA members, or indeed anyone else who has served or worked at sea including spouses, partners, family members and carers with seafaring connections.   During a call you can share and enjoy conversations about memories, or as a partner or family member of someone who spent their career away at sea.

How does it work?

Connecting to a phone group is simple.  An operator will call you,  you pick up your telephone, and you then join the call. You can use a landline or your mobile phone and there is no charge.  All calls are free for participants.

‘It’s good to talk, it’s fun and joining a telephone group is FREE’

How often are the calls?

The calls occur every two weeks, at an agreed time, and allow participants to enjoy up to an hour of group conversation.   All calls are facilitated by our trained volunteers, making them safe and friendly to take part in. Why not share your memories of the sea together in a talking communities group? To find out more, or to join or refer someone who would benefit from these calls, please phone 0207 7224 2072, e-mail [email protected] or write to Jan Williams, The Silver Line, Trade Tower, Calico Row, LONDON, SW11 3YH.