The Silver Line Plus

The Silver Line Plus helps you feel safer because it confirms you are OK each day. 

It is not a panic button that you wear around your neck and has different benefits.  There is no need to wear any device.

How does it work?

You will be sent a smart new phone with an OKEachDay button on it.  You press the OKEachDay button anytime before one or more specific times in the day chosen by you e.g. after you get up and before going to bed.

If you don’t press the button, then one of the friendly OKEachDay team at The Silver Line Plus will call you to ask how you are. If after several attempts they can’t get hold of you, they will notify friends or family you’ve nominated.  In some cases, they will inform emergency services if they think it’s necessary. It only takes 2 seconds a day.

Your new phone

You can use this in place of your existing phone or as well as your existing phone. The phone will work even in the event of a power cut.   It costs nothing to press the OKEachDay button and you can call free of charge using the Customer Services button to change any of the settings around the service.

OKEachDay button. Simply press this button anytime before your chosen time(s) each day to make contact with the team. If you don’t press the button, our team will call you.

Customer Service button. This connects you to the OKEachDay team free of charge.

The Silver Line button.  Puts you straight through The Silver Line Helpline any time you need to call.

Receive updates from The Silver LineAs part of the service, you can receive information on news and events from The Silver Line.

Cost of The Silver Line Plus service

You can try The Silver Line Plus service for the first 2 months completely free of charge, the phone will be provided free and there will be no service charge.  There will be no further commitment should you decide it’s not for you. 

Less than £4.00 a week

Free 2 month trial – free phone and no service charge

Monthly fee – £16.99 exc. VAT*

For each monthly fee received, OKEachDay will donate £5 to The Silver Line

Benefits of The Silver Line Plus

  • Helps you feel safe and protected
  • Reassures your friends and family
  • It could save your life   
  • If contact isn’t made, we let someone know
  • No need to wear a device
  • Carefully selected friendly team members
  • Already used by 1000’s of people in the UK
  • A team available for you 365 days a year
  • Keeps you in contact with The Silver Line

For more information please call 0808 163 0099 to speak to the OKEachDay team at The Silver Line Plus. 

*Most customers are not required to pay VAT.  Please speak to one of the team and we can advise you. If you do pay VAT, then the monthly cost is £20.39.  The Silver Line Plus is delivered by our partner OKEachDay.  OKEachDay is a trading style of Alertacall Ltd. Company no. 05145094.