Why partner with The Silver Line?

You can get involved by making us your charity of the year, developing a cause related marketing partnershipbecoming a corporate volunteering partner, offering The Silver Line on your Payroll Giving Programme, or become a sponsor for one of our events.

Why companies work with us:

  • To make a difference to a young and dynamic charity (we are still only five years old)
  • We have creative fundraising ideas that are easy for staff to participate in
  • We have an extensive portfolio of challenge events to inspire all abilities
  • Every amount makes a difference – it costs £5 to answer an out of hours call at our helpline
  • Volunteering opportunities: it only takes 30 minutes a week to become a Silver Line Friend
  • We can measure the impact you are making and demonstrate the ways in which your support is transforming lives

“We are pleased to be able to help older people get advice and make new friends through The Silver Line. We know the phone can be a lifeline and we are proud to have long supported people who need extra help with their communications.”- Niall Dunne, BT Chief Sustainability Officer

“The Silver Line delivers an essential befriending service, particularly for anyone living alone. We are pleased and humbled to be able to help even more people in later life through our continuing sponsorship of The Silver Line.”- Peter Seldon, Managing Director

For more information on partnering with us, please call Laura Nastasia on 020 7224  2729 or email [email protected]