Gift Aid explained

You can increase the value of your donation by a quarter at no additional cost. Gift Aid is a government initiative which allows charities such as The Silver Line to recover the tax that you have already paid as a UK taxpayer on donations you make to us. This means that you can increase your donations by 25 pence in every £1 at no extra cost to you.

For example, if you give £10 using Gift Aid, the gift is worth £12.50. The Silver Line will treat all donations that you have made for the past four years and any donations you make in the future as Gift Aid donations, until you tell us otherwise.

Do I qualify for Gift Aid?

To qualify for Gift Aid you must have paid enough tax in the tax year (6 April one year to 5 April the next) in question to cover the amount which we will reclaim. You don’t necessarily have to be working to be paying tax. You still qualify for Gift Aid if you pay Capital Gains Tax, have taxable investment or rental income, taxable pension plans or taxable savings.
We can claim Gift Aid on all donations from individuals, sole traders or partnerships (whether made in cash, by cheque, direct debit, credit or debit card, postal order or standing order). Unfortunately we can’t claim Gift Aid on company donations. We are only able to claim Gift Aid if you pay UK tax.

How do I Gift Aid my donations?

To Gift Aid your donation:

  • check the Gift Aid box during the online donation process
  • call our Supporter Care team on 020 3793 9182
  • complete the postal Gift Aid Declaration Form and send it to us.

Please complete and return this form: Silver Line Gift Aid Declaration

More information about Gift Aid

For more information about Gift Aid please see the HM Revenue and Customs website

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